About VJM Computers

About our PC company

The VJM Computers Ltd brand began in 2016 so we have substantial experience in the PC industry.  We are a UK company based in the North West of England.  Specialising in Mini PCs, we have focused our attention on providing a quality range of products.

Our Intel NUC and Gigabyte Brix range comes with an array of specifications that meet your needs. We have put together a selection which can be configured with RAM, Processor and hard drive combinations allowing for any budget.

We believe that focusing on our collection of products for the micro PC market has helped us deliver quality products. Therefore, we have a proven track record of delivering lasting, functional PCs and with excellent customer service.

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VJM Computers – Customer focused.

Our customers are looking for quality space-saving PCs whether it be for a home theatre PC or for an office. Our PCs are geared towards the business sector and have been used in a wide range of products including Photo booths, Advertisement boards, security setups and point of sale. We sell numerous computers to a wide range of businesses as well as to the end user.

Our company prides itself on our customer service both for post and pre-sales. We have a proven track record for helping our customers solve any problems they may encounter. Our reviews show that we will do what it takes to keep our customers happy with our products and service.

Our warranties include a limited free collection and re-delivery service. There are no hidden costs if your computer develops a hardware fault – we collect and return free of charge within the collect and return period. We offer a 5-year warranty which you can also use to email or ring anytime with any issues.

We are VAT registered, and we don’t hide behind a PO Box number or email address.


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Telephone:- 01772 301178

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Our advantages

Your Ideas

Here at VJM Computers we specialise in the latest mini PCs both for at home and business. These mini PCs work just the same and can be just has powerful has a full size desktop PC only using much less workspace.


Our PCs come ready with built with Windows 10 professional Pre-installed. We also install the latest drivers but do not add any 3rd party software like lot of other companies out there. We also fully stress test every PC we sell.


We offer a range of mini PCs to suit your budget and needs, but we can also customise any PC if you cannot find what your looking for on our website. Just contact us with the specs you require and we will get back to you with a quote.

Customer Service

At VJM Computers we try our best to offer the best Support we can both before and after sales. Call us during our opening hours or email anytime and we will give you any help you require, both with general enquiries and technical questions.
Spring sale

Use code “spring15” for £15 off every PC.