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VJM Computers FAQ – Our most asked questions

Welcome to VJM Computers FAQ page. Here are a list of our most asked questions from our customers which may be able to help you.

What are mini PCs?

Mini PCs (or small form factor PCs) are basically the same as full size desktop computers, just connect a mouse, keyboard and a monitor and you’re ready to go. They sacrifice some expandability and USB ports for a more convenient size, better power efficiency and very often noise reduction. They usually have extra wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  already installed which gives you options for wireless devices. This more than makes up for a lack of USB ports.

 How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Our normal delivery time is 4 working days. We build the PC, install Windows and drivers and test everything ourselves which is why it can take several days. There is an option to upgrade to a two working delivery time. In case of big multiple PC orders there may be longer wait times which you will be informed about.

Can I buy my mini PC without Windows 11 or with another operating system?

Our mini PCs already have a Windows 11 licence attached. If you wanted to order without Windows installed unfortunately we could only discount the labour cost of installing.

What happens if I have a problem or technical issue with my PC?

All mini PCs bought from VJM Computers automatically have a 5-year warranty with return to base. If we can’t solve your problem over the phone or email we will collect the PC and fix or replace your computer. 

What brand of components do you use in your PCs?

We only use well known reliable brands in our micro PCs. For example, we use Kingston for RAM. We use Kingston and Corsair  for our SSDs. For the mini PCs themselves we sell ASUS NUC and MSI Cubi which are well known and trusted models.

Can I get a quote for bigger orders?

It is possible to get a quote with discounted prices if you are buying multiple items. Please send us a message on our contact us page and we will get back to you with a quote. If you are planning on regular purchases from us, we can also set up a managed account.

How is the computer packaged?

We package our PCs carefully using air cushion packing and large bubble wrap to ensure no damage comes to your computer. On top of that since our PCs are small form factor they are   very easy to handle for our couriers.

Where are you located?

We are based in Preston in the Northwest of England. Our premises are not equipped for customer collection, but our delivery is free of charge.

What are the uses of mini PCs?

These tiny desktop computers are perfect for space-saving instead of using a bulky desktop tower and work in exactly the same way. Some of their main uses in business also include digital signage, security cameras, vending machines, point of sale (POS) and photo booths among many other uses. Thanks to their small size they can fit into other machines or hidden from view very easily, Usually mini computers are more power efficient and quieter than full desktop PCs. They can also be used for home use, such as a discreet home theatre PC or office computer.

What monitors and peripherals are your computers compatible with?

Just like normal desktop computers our small form factor PCs are compatible with any monitor that has the right display port such as HDMI. Double check the mini PC can display the correct resolution  if your monitor or TV is above 1080p. The same goes for peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, all are compatible and they can be connected by USB or wirelessly. Speakers can be connected by an audio jack if the PC has one, USB or Bluetooth.

Can i upgrade My PC after purchase?

Yes, The desktop PCs like the one we sell typically have more room for RAM and sometimes an extra space for a secondary hard drive. Pease ask us if you’re unsure what you can and can’t upgrade.

How much does a mini PC cost?

A new small PC can cost in the range of £200 all the way to £1000 and more. Just because they are compact they can pack a punch equal to a traditional computer. The cheaper, lower power options are offer good performance while using little electricity and have low noise, sometimes even fan less. The more expensive options are offer much more performance for tougher tasks.

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