Guide to Mini PCs

Beginners Guide to Mini PCs 

Mini PCs are a relatively new type of computer that can be used for all sorts of applications. Set up just like a full desktop tower, just plug in a mouse, keyboard and monitor and you are ready to go. Very often small computers are used for several business applications including digital signage, photo booths, point of sale and security. This guide to mini PCs is a short introduction to the application and usage.

These types of computer are also referred to as SFF PCs or small form factor PCs. They are perfect for when space is an issue. For example they can be used as a home theater PC when there isn’t much space under the TV. Another example would be if you live in a small house but still want the full desktop PC experience. 

guide to mini PCs

Advantages and disadvantages of a mini PC

The main advantage of  is of course the size. They have all sorts of business solutions being able to fit in and run Photobooths, ATMs and interactive screens to name a few. Micro PCs can be attached to the back of monitors to create an all in one PC. Another advantage is that they are often very quiet, sometimes silent and are very energy efficient. With excellent connectivity such as wifi and bluetooth, they make up for there lack of USB ports.

The disadvantages are that they aren’t very upgradable, with RAM and SSD space being the only two possible upgrades usually. Another disadvantage is that because of there small size they can’t fit a full size graphics card, relying on onboard graphics.

sff pc

Should you buy a mini PC?

For most tasks the answer is yes. Performing everything from word processing, Photoshop, spreadsheets, video and music just as well as there desktop tower counterparts. They have the added advantage of space saving, energy efficiency so you save on electricity and noise reduction. They are made by well known companies such as Intel.

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